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Sunday, 23 June 2024 09:05

EnterpriseEnterprise with Tim's Computer Cut Suit of Sails

The Enterprise is an active and exciting boat to sail and it is raced competitively almost everywhere in the UK. It attracts many high class helms and crews from all parts of the country and standards are high.

Crew weight is not a crucial factor to success as is often the case with very light displacement boats, and yet the Enterprise is light enough to be handled easily ashore. Enterprises are also very seaworthy.

A large proportion of new boats are glass fibre, and the newer style of interior layout makes the boats look more modern and attractive.

An alternatives is the composite boat for those who like wooden decks without the fuss of fitting out a wooden hull.

You can also obtain a conventional all-wooden boat from one of the specialist builders, or one of the newer wood/epoxy boats built in a mould and to a simplified internal design/layout.